The Mt. Zion Mini Longarm Guild

Earlier this year I met with two friends I had become acquainted with through online quilt forums.  LynnEl lives in Champaign and the Connie recently moved to Mt. Zion.  The first time we met, we made a trip to Rochester to King’s Men Quilting Supply and had dinner in Forsyth.  We all hit it off great and I really enjoyed meeting them.  Since then, we’ve met up at the Decatur Quilt Fest and recently we had a mini guild meeting at Connie’s home in Mt. Zion.  Connie has an APQS Millenium and we brought projects we were working on or needed advice on and just generally had a really nice show and tell.  After lunch, I gave a practice lesson on trapunto.  Each of us quilted a feather wreath and completed the trapunto portion of the lesson.  We each took our wreath home to finish.  Here are pics from our meeting and my finished wreath.  I really enjoyed the afternoon.  Thanks Connie for hosting us!  LynnEl, your mint brownies were wonderful!

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