I offer the following services:

  • Edge to Edge Quilting – Meanders, Pantographs, designs that flow from edge to edge. This includes digital pantographs as well as free motion overall quilting.
  • Custom Quilting – Includes stitch in the ditch, echo quilting, crosshatching, ruler work, feathers, custom border treatments. Can also include digital block motifs, as well as unique designs created just for your quilt.
  • T-Shirt  Quilts
  • Piecing (create your own quilt from materials you or I choose)
  • Binding
  • Longarm Classes

Download a brochure: Custom Quilts of Joy – brochure

My studio is smoke free. I gladly accept internet/mail order quilting. Shipping is at customer’s expense. I accept personal check, credit card, or PayPal. Balance will be due when the quilt is completed. Please call or email when you ship your quilt. Please place your quilt in a plastic bag for shipping, and pin your name and address to the quilt.


(subject to change)

Only the finest threads and battings will do for your quilts, and my selections include the best from Quilters Dream and Hobbs battings and Superior, Glide and Filtec threads. Thread charge is included in the quilting price, but there is an upcharge if I use silk thread.  Batting charges are at my cost (no markup on batting).

$.015 to $.025 per square inch:
Edge to Edge or Pantograph – Designs that flow from edge to edge. Either hand-guided overall, or digital pantographs…

  • Large (designs with lots of open space) = $.015 / sq. in.
  • Medium  (most designs fit into this range) = $.0165 – $.0185 /
  • Dense (dense/intricate patterns) = $.02 – $.025 / sq. in.

$.03 to .04 per square inch:
Light Custom Quilting – Usually does not include stitch in the ditch; can include separate border/sash/block treatments.

$.05 to .07 per square inch:
Custom Quilting – Includes stitch in the ditch, echo quilting, crosshatching, ruler work, feathers, custom border treatments, background fillers.

$.08 per square inch and up:
Heirloom Quilting – Includes very dense quilting, traditional or original quilting motifs created for your quilt; suitable for entering shows.

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