My Quilts

Here is a limited showing of quilts I’ve done for myself. This page is not updated regularly. Quilting gets in the way sometimes!  Check me out on Facebook – I post most pictures there on a regular basis.

6 responses to “My Quilts

  1. I bought a few of Margie Migets Sunbonnet Sue miniature quilted blocks at the 2014 Arthur Illinois Amish Quilt show. Now that I am ready to use the blocks, I find I didnt buy enough blocks. I am trying to contact Margie Miget to purchase more blocks but cannot reach her. I have her cell number but says it isn set up for messages. Can you help me contact her?
    The picture of your SunBonnet Sue quilt is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I am interested in finding the pattern for your quilt Sun, Moon, and Stars I saw on my Facebook feed recently. How do I get this pattern?

  3. You might want to consider watermarking your photos so not stolen and posted on other sites. I saw one on another site.

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