Sunflower Blues

This latest quilt off the frame was a bit of a challenge.  The top required 3 colors of thread – white, denim blue, and sunflower yellow.  However, the back was white.  While I can sometimes match the bobbin thread to the back of the quilt, I usually have problems keeping the bobbin thread from poking up to the top or more likely poking through on the bottom.  I usually will try to match the bobbin thread to the backing fabric if I can keep the bobbin thread just a few shades away from the top thread.  This time, however, the top thread was jewel tones and the backing was white.  So, I used the same thread in the bobbin that was used in the top. 

I learned a couple of things about this process though. If I’m going to match the threads, I need to use a very thin thread in the bobbin, rather than the same weight of thread as used on the top.  I didn’t like how heavy the thread looked on the bottom; but, didn’t realize how much I didn’t like it until I’d finished several vines of feathers and stitch in the ditch.  I started to rip it out, but after 2 hours of ripping I’d only managed a small portion.  This quilt belongs to my aunt who said don’t bother ripping any of it out.  I had told her that I thought I’d need to have blue and yellow thread on the back for the reasons stated above and she was ok with that when she dropped it off.  So, I redid what I had ripped out.  The other thing I discovered was that you should not do the hump and bump type of feathers in this situation (where the bobbin thread would be so noticeable on the backing fabric). So, I switched to the continuous type of feathers and that helped some also.

Anyway, here’s the finished product.  While I’m not completely happy with the final result, it still looks nice.  I did feather vines in the blue, crosshatching in the flower panels, and sunflowers in the 9-patches.

Next up will be an Easter wall hanging, then two twin-sized quilts from a new customer in Peoria.  Wait until you see these next three!  Wow!  After that, it’s a large log cabin in Kaffe Fossett fabrics (I may have mangled that name) and a large GORGEOUS embroidery quilt.  I’m going to wait to start it until after I return from the Milwaukee Machine Quilters Showcase in August.  I want to get a close up of some fabulous quilts for some inspiration and I’m also taking classes from Karen McTavish and Sue Patten.  Can’t Wait!


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