Single Irish Chain

I love this quilt.  The customer just started quilting and if this is any indication of what to expect from her, she’s going to have some very fabulous quilts!!  Love her choice of fabrics.  We decided on feather wreaths  with curlycues in the open spaces and continuous curves in the “chains”.  I used Fil-Tec’s Premo Soft thread and YLI on top.  I wound bobbins to match for the tan Fil-Tec, but bought some Magna-Glide pre-wound bobbins in the blue to try out.  I LOVE both the Premo Soft and the magna-glide bobbins.  I liked it so much that I ordered more from the company before they increase prices in April due to the increase in the cost of cotton globally. 

I love how the quilting design turned out on the back of the quilt.  I’ll definitely put this down for use in the future.  I used a small circle template for the spine of the wreaths and the CCs in the chains.  The rest was done freehand.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics.  I NEED a new camera with image stabilization so that I don’t take 20 pics to get one good one.

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