Rings of Posies

I purchased at auction, this beautiful unfinished quilt top with lovely cross-stitching and embroidery.  I fell in love with it and had to have it.  I layered QD wool over Hobbs 80/20 and used Superior So Fine threads.

I had a difficult time with finding just the right color of fabric for the binding, so I used some hand-dyed cotton sateen that I made while at Jamie Wallen’s quilt class I took a couple of years ago with some friends. It came in so handy for this quilt. I love how this turned out.  It’s the wedding colors of my stepson’s wedding, so this will eventually live with them in Missouri.  In the meantime, it’s won several ribbons (both national and regional shows).

When I prepared to enter it in the shows, I knew I needed the name of the piecer.  I contacted the coordinator of the auction to obtain her name and the city/state where she lived.  I then googled her and found her phone number.  She was 86 or 87 when she finished these stamped embroidery blocks, which her mother had purchased prior to her death in the 80s.  So the blocks were old, but the embroidery was just finished the prior year.  I hunted down the pattern publisher and obtained written permission to enter it into shows (a requirement for nearly all national/international shows).  After winning a 3rd place ribbon at MQX-Midwest, I sent her a letter with her ribbon telling her how our quilt had won it’s first ribbon.  It’s gone on to win 1st place and other ribbons and each time I mail her an update.  (She doesn’t have internet or a smart phone, so I’m doing this old school. I think that in some ways that makes it even more special.)

It’s currently on it’s way to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo this month.2018-07-14-10.402018-07-14-102018-09-08-13.34IMG_1620Rings-of-posies-closeup

13 responses to “Rings of Posies

  1. That’s stunning! Your quilting looks perfect with that pattern and I’m sure the woman that did the cross stitch is tickled pink with the ribbons its won.

  2. The quilt is Magnificent! A great collaboration of two talented women. Congratulations to you both on the ribbons and recognition. Such a feel good story.

  3. It is gorgeous and they story is beautiful. You are a special person for seeing this through, what a blessing to the daughter and mother that their work is seen and admired. I shared on Facebook, thank you

  4. Stunning, a quilt that has stood the tests of time. Your communication to the previous owner/s is a testament of your ability to take a design to completion. How often do we all keep uncompleted projects in our closets, never quite being completed. However you were able to see the potential in this material, stitching & design to become a WINNER.

    Reading your story draws my mind to the unfinished prisoners of Michelangelo, which are displayed in the Michelangelo museum in Firenze, Italy. I recall standing there seeing the energies present in these unfinished blocks of marble all@ various stages of production. The display of unfinished work proceeded the huge statue of David. Breathtaking though my mind was drawn back to the unfinished work, trying to see/discover what might have been.
    You may have started something for other quilters to consider. . . open purchases of unfinished works, just asking to be rescued!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, hopefully you have empowered every reader to not dismiss the incomplete but look for the potential in every fiber.

  5. So so beautiful. My mother would have loved to seen this one. You are blessed. Great story finding the women. I bet she was thrilled. Thank you for sharing. Judy Summerhill

  6. Beautiful work and beautiful story. What a gift in so many directions. Thank you for the smile it brought to my face this morning. Alta Thomas

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