2 cute baby quilts

These last two quilts off the frame are from the same gal who pieced the Irish Chain.  Beautiful work and I love her colors and fabric!  I can’t believe she just started quilting! The first one – pink/green – is a sort of rail fence.  (I’m sure someone knows what the pattern is out there.)  I wasn’t sure how to quilt this and finally it just spoke to me and told me “playful daisies and swirls”.  🙂   I used FilTec Glide thread in pink and green on both top and bottom and I like how it turned out.  The second one – pink/brown – is a 9-patch with alternating solid pink blocks.  This one also said “playful swirls”.  So, I put a kind of fanciful feather wreath in the blocks with a daisy chain in the border.   I used the same pink Glide on top and bottom on this one.  Both used 80/20 Legacy batting.

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