Catch Up

Hmm. Where do I start. I’ve been absent from my blog for a while now.  All the online options that are available to you today have been a bit overwhelming. I’ve been a lot busier with quilting customer quilts and I’ve made a conscious choice to limit my time spent online. As a result, this blog has suffered.  It’s not like I haven’t had news worth sharing either.  I have some pretty exciting news I plan on sharing in the next few weeks; but for now, let’s play a little catch up….

Aunt Grace’s Garden

This quilt was a rush job for a customer’s daughter’s graduation.  I seriously loved this one. From the fabric to the design, it’s a classic quilt that will be a heirloom for years to come.  The fabrics led me to a more traditional approach to the quilting design. I chose to use swags in the outer border. Once I figured out what to do with the blocks, I was able to find a continuous path across most of the quilt. It took 3 paths to complete one complete ring and each center ring was done separately with a feather wreath. I do plan on recording a video on how this is accomplished, so check back for that.  I used Quilters Dream wool batting (my favorite) and So Fine thread on top and Bottom Line on bottom. I love this quilt and I’m sure the granddaughter will love it too. 2015-03-22-20.38 2015-03-26-21.38 2015-03-30-21.28 2015-03-31-08.20 2015-03-31-08.22 2015-03-31-08

 Bronze Beauty

This is a little mini (18″x18″) wholecloth that was part of Lisa Calle’s online wholecloth challenge.  The challenge was to design a wholecloth design using Robert Kauffman’s Radiance silk blend fabric.  I used this yummy fabric and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I used Superior Kimono silk thread on this and I loved it too!  Lot’s of love on this quilt.  I want to do a larger quilt with this fabric and have been kicking around some ideas.  Some day – soon – I’ll get the design down on paper. IMG_1062

Old and New

This is a lovely little quilt designed by a good customer and friend – Cheryl.  She used some vintage blocks she was handed down and surrounded them with the bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics she loves to use. I seriously love what she did here.  It is a perfect combination of old and new. 2014-09-01 13.19.28 2014-09-01 13.19.43 2014-09-01 13.24.11 2014-09-01 13.24.54 I promise to share some more beautiful quilts soon.  I’ll be in Paducah next week  – anyone else going?  Message me to meet up! I’ll be there with a friend from Wednesday evening through Saturday.

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