A Basket full of Posies

This quilt was pieced by Joan from Virginia. It was quite large and took me a bit longer to finish than I anticipated. I like the finished quilt though. When designing the quilting for this quilt, I felt that traditional quilting patterns would fit the quilt, so I went with a swag border and put half posies in the center of the swag. I also doubled up the arches of the swag to mimic the basket handles. I finished it off with beadboard on the outside of the swags. All of the baskets got the same half posies with feathers surrounding the basket handles and a kind of “corporal” stripe between the baskets. I like how that looks also.

I used legacy batting and So Fine thread on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. I had the hardest time trying to stay in the ditch on those basket handles. I’m not sure why – I’ve not had much problems with applique in the past.  This took me nearly 3 weeks!! to finish (of course I was distracted by life’s curveballs, but still!).

joan-baskets joan-baskets1 (2) joan-baskets1 joan-baskets3 joan-baskets4

3 responses to “A Basket full of Posies

  1. Looks fantastic, Joy! She is going to love it!!

    I have some good/bad news depending on your point of view. I am just a couple of borders away from having 3 Farmer’s Wife quilts DONE, two are smaller than twin and one a queen. I am so glad to have them off my unfinished shelf!! On the other hand I’m not so sure you are going to like having them on your unfinished shelf!! 🙂 I can’t wait to show them to you

    • Ha! I was looking at some Farmer’s Wife quilts online this week. I’m really looking forward to seeing the one you did with modern fabrics. I told my Mom last night that I was just feeling “caught up” !

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