Adorable baby quilts – pinwheels and log cabins

I recently finished these two baby quilts. I LOVE them both.  I especially love the pinwheels, but both are just super adorable.

The log cabin blocks reminded me of butterflies for some reason.  I know, I’m weird that way.  So, I did individual butterflies in the scrappy parts of the log cabins and frilly feathers in the white parts.  The white fabric on this was a somewhat sheer fabric with a raised design and it turned out beautifully.  I used Legacy cotton batting and white SoFine/Bottom Line threads.

The pinwheel quilt got swirls of feathers and radiating lines.  I really, really like how that turned out.  I wanted to keep this one for myself.  I guess I’ll need to make my own. I used Hobbs cotton batting and white SoFine/Bottom Line threads.  The backing fabric was pink polk-a-dot flannel.  I really liked the Hobbs batting.  I think I’ll buy some more of that!

logcabin2 logcabin3 logcabin-back pinwheels2 pinwheels3 pinwheels5



3 responses to “Adorable baby quilts – pinwheels and log cabins

  1. Hi Joy ~ the pinwheel quilt is the one my mother-in-law & I made for my first granddaughter. It was delivered to me last night and I cannot tell you how gorgeous it turned out! I was not thrilled to use bright colors for a baby quilt and kept thinking that I’d made a huge mistake. The difference that your quilting made is unbelievable! It brought it all together and now I feel that the quilt is an heirloom that she will cherish and hand down. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  2. I am SO glad you liked it. I appreciate your comments so much. I always hope MY vision for the quilting matches YOUR vision for the quilt. I think your fabric choices were excellent for a baby quilt. Color AND texture are perfect for babies.

  3. Hello! So nice! I’ll be a grandmother in december and you gave me a good idea what to do. Thank you for sharing your work! Have a nice week!

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