Audrey’s wool applique quilt

I LOVE this quilt of Audrey’s.  It looks really nice on my bed – I wonder how long I can keep it before she comes to pick it up? 🙂  I used a double batting on this quilt – 80/20 Legacy blend on the bottom with Legacy wool on top.  It really helped to give it definition and loft.  I used Red So Fine thread on top and a taupe DecoBob in the bobbin for the red border.  I quilted a feather vine with a flower in the middle of each border.  I then used Madeira invisible thread to do all the stitch in the ditch in the sashing and around all the blocks and applique (LOTS).  I then went back and used the same DecoBob thread I was using in the bobbin and used it to quilt pebbles in the background fabric of each block as well as feather plumes in the sashing. 

Here are some photos (none of the back, since it was a busy fabric and didn’t show much.

3 responses to “Audrey’s wool applique quilt

  1. Gorgeous, as always! Lots of pebbling on that! How do you love your A-1?? I want to hear all about how wonderful it is!! 🙂

  2. This is a gorgeous quilt! Both the applique/piecing and the quilting. It gives me a goal on each level. You ladies are fabulous.

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