Kitchen update

Last weekend didn’t start out as planned. We discovered on Thursday night that our dishwasher pump had been leaking. I knew there was something wrong because the flooring was swelling up in front of the sink area. 😦

By Friday at noon, we had a crew from ServPro Restoration at our house telling us that the whole row of bottom cabinets would be removed. They were extremely professional and packed up the contents, removed everything, removed the flooring underneath to the joists, and installed fans and a dehumidifier. They come to the house and check the progress each day. On Monday, they hung plastic in an attempt to close off the space from the rest of the house and removed more flooring and drywall. They think they’ll be able to remove their equipment tomorrow. Then our contractor will hopefully be able to start right away repairing everything.  I can’t wait to get my kitchen back to normal.  Having no water or sink in the kitchen has been a challenge, as has the noise from the dryers.

Here are some pics of my mess.  When it’s all been repaired, I will have a new floor and a new dishwasher, both things I’d wanted. Funny how your wishes work out, huh?!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on my frame now…


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