Pretty Pink Log Cabin

This log cabin was pieced by Kathy D and I wanted to keep this for my bedroom.  I seriously need a new quilt and this would work perfectly!

Kathy had a request for the quilting – nothing dense, large open and airy quilting, and treat the outer logs as a border.  That last request was really hard to design around as I normally would have treated the light and dark settings as a continuous path for feathers or something similar.  I needed something to fit the customer’s requests as well as tack down the log intersections.  So, I came up with a sawed in half feathered wreath design.  That’s the best description I can come up with for it.  🙂  I used white thread top and bottom.  (So Fine and Bottom Line)

IMG_20130929_141314_024 IMG_20130929_141325_860 IMG_20130929_141340_753 IMG_20130929_141512_641 IMG_20130929_141542_992

8 responses to “Pretty Pink Log Cabin

  1. Gorgeous quilt and quilting – LOVE the ‘sawed in half’ quilting feather motif, I’ll have to store that one away for future potential application! And if you don’t get to keep it for your bedroom, “Betty & I” have a bed it will fit perfectly on and look absolutely stunning… 😉

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