MQS – Teachers Choice Ribbon!!

Okay.  I can’t hold back!  I just found out I got a teachers choice ribbon for my quilt Winter Garden at the MQS show in Overland Park this week.  I belong to some Yahoo groups and on one of them I had asked if anyone was going to the show to take some pics of my quilt hanging there.  One of the members, Tim, said he would snap some pics for me.  He just posted a message on that forum and I won a Teacher’s Choice Ribbon!!  Ok, seriously, can you hear me squealing with joy!!??   Hahahaha.   To top it off, he got the news directly from Karen.  Here’s his note on the exchange with Karen:

“Joy, I found your enntry # 325 hanging in the whole cloth section. I was on my way into the building and stopped to chat with Karen McTavish for a few moments. I explained your request for a few photos of your quilt hanging in the show. Her response: “That is really creepy!”  She pulled out a pack of smokes with your quilt # written on it. She gave you a teachers choice award!  Congrats! I’ll upload the photos when I get back to Tennessee.”

Ok.  Seriously.  How AWESOME is that!!!!   🙂   I’ll post a pic of the ribbon when I get it in the mail.

What’s up next on the frame?  Only practice muslin.  I have a gal coming to my house Sunday to look at my Voyager and frame.  If she buys it, then I’ll be taking it down and installing it at her house.  I’m not sure how long it will take to get my A1 delivered after that, but will keep you posted on that news.  Wish me luck on the sale!!!

6 responses to “MQS – Teachers Choice Ribbon!!

  1. How wonderful. I am happy for you and to have a vote from “Karen McTavish” That is outstanding! Good luck with the Voyager and more good wishes for the A1.

  2. OH Boy!!! Congratulations I’m just so excited for you. You do such beautiful work.

  3. yay on the ribbon. What’s so creepy about wanting pics of your quilt?
    boo, so sad it’s not me getting that voyager. I was thinking I could convince hubby to drive up this 3 day weekend since we’ll already be in Nashville 🙂

  4. Haha! That’s Karen’s way of saying that it’s beyond coincidental that he just happened to run into her AND that he mentioned my quilt AND that she just gave it a ribbon! It gives me goosebumps! I can’t believe how sad I am to see my Voyager selling!

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