Curvemaster Foot

While in Paducah, I purchased a new presser foot for my Babylock sewing machine.  The gal demonstrating this foot had me hooked literally in seconds.  She sewed a drunkard’s path block with no pins whatsoever!  Yes, I said “no pins!”  After watching her do this feat twice, I bought one on the spot.  I had already purchased a template for a drunkards path earlier in the day – I’m planning on using it on a red/white quilt.

So, the real test came when I tried it for myself.  I had a couple of false starts, and had to reread the directions on their site, but I actually finished two of these in seconds!!  Below are pics of the template I purchased, the curvemaster foot, and the finished blocks.  You can go to for  more info.  The foot comes with attachments that will fit most machines.

3 responses to “Curvemaster Foot

  1. Interesting! At Guild meeting tonight a lady demonstrated that very pressure foot and then said it wasn’t worth the money! Glad it works better for you.

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