Catching up

I haven’t posted in a while, for no other reason than I have been avoiding the computer.  So, let’s play catch up. 

The latest quilt hot off the frame is for Donna.  This is a quilt she’ll be teaching a class on in a few weeks.  I loved the fabrics.  I was kind of torn about how to quilt this one; but decided to quilt the “blank” blocks in between the pinwheels the same as I did the pinwheels. I was stumped on how to do these with as few starts and stops as possible, but was able to do each row in one pass.  I do like how this came out.  The quilting design wasn’t going to show much because of the business of the fabrics, but it does give it nice movement.

The next quilt is a totally awesome lavender crosshatch quilt.  What makes it even more awesome is that it was done by an 81-year-old woman!  This was a stamped quilt where the x-hatching and the quilting design was stamped into the cloth.  The blue markings will fade over several washings.  I followed the stamped design pretty much, except I did double lines instead of single and I echoed all of the crosshatching around the border where the design didn’t have any quilting at all and also in the center medallion where the design stamped a series of concentric circles.  I love how this turned out.  I also bound it for her.

And finally, a gorgeous Moda BOM with embroidery for Audrey.  I decided to do diagonal crosshatch over all the embroidery blocks as well as behind the center tree block.  The stars all were treated the same, with a leaf design in each corner.




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