Canadian baby quilt – finished

I’m not sure what this pattern is, so I’m calling it the baby quilt from Canada.  This is such a cute little quilt.  Made from flannel, I love the colors.  It looks so soft and cuddly.  On this quilt, I used wool as the batting.  With baby quilts, I feel like you need to use a natural textile, like wool or cotton.  Burn tests have shown that wool and flame retardant battings like Quilters Dream Angel are much safter than a poly batting or a poly blend batting.  In this case, we wanted a puffiness to the quilt, so I used Quilters Dream wool.  I really love their wool batting.  It’s washable in cold water only (warm will make it shrink) and dry in a cool dryer.

I used lots of feathers in this one and you just want to run your hand across the top – it’s SO cuddly!  The last picture shown is a new setup I have for taking quilt pictures.  I’m still tweaking it, but so far it works pretty well! Best of all, it was free!  I repurposed a trade show exhibit frame that our company no longer was using and it works pretty well for taking pictures.  It collapses down and fits into a small bag that I can store when I’m not needing it.  One of these days, I’ll have a big studio that I can keep it up all the time!

One response to “Canadian baby quilt – finished

  1. Beautiful job! I have seen a few of this quilted and this is simply the best. Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration to me – I too have a Voyager/Hinty

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