Beyond the Color Purple – Finished!!

I just took this off the frame.  What a beautiful quilt!!!  I LOVE the embroidery and the color of this quilt.  To summarize, I used a double batting (cotton bottom, Legacy Wool on top).  I did this to create some extra loft behind the embroidery and I love how that makes the embroidery pop – almost like a 3d effect. I outlined all the embroidery and did the SID with clear Madeira Monolon on top and cream Bottom Line in the bobbin.  I used tan light gold Superior Metallic, So Fine, off white Omni, and sage green Sew Fine on the top.  The only time I switched the bobbin color was with the sage green.  And the only reason I did that was because I was stitching through multiple layers of the green border applique.  If not for that, I  might have tried keeping the cream in the bobbin.

Designs I used were switchback feathers in the outer border, crosshatching in the red background fabric, pebbles and feather background fills with an on-point square dividing the fills within the blocks, feather plumes in the outer green border and a feather stencil I made along with outline stitching on the green applique border around the medallion.  I love it.  It would make a nice quilt to display this Christmas season.

6 responses to “Beyond the Color Purple – Finished!!

  1. Beautiful job! I have seen a few of this quilted and this is simply the best. Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration to me – I too have a Voyager/Hinty

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