Quilt Robotics

I added a robotics package to my longarm last November and have been practicing and getting to know that new technology in between doing custom quilts.  I finally feel confident about how to use this efficiently on quilts using an edge to edge pattern or digital patterns in blocks.  As a result, I’m offering a 10% discount on all quilts using a digital pantograph. This discount is good only on quilts received during the month of June.  Mention this post to make sure you get your discount! Overall designs are a great way to finish those quilts that don’t need a custom treatment – plus it’s a lot easier on your pocketbook!  See my pricing page for info on pricing.

I purchased a robotics system mainly because I was not precise enough to suit my tastes while doing hand-guided pantographs from the back of the machine. I also hope to convert some of my designs to digital.  While the learning curve (on my own) was a bit harder than I anticipated, I feel great about how my skills improved with each new technique learned.  The package I added to my A1 longarm is the Quilt Gallery robotics system (the Butler system when purchased through Quilt EZ).  The price — relative to the features — was what finally persuaded me, as well as the ease of purchasing it as an add-on to my longarm directly from A1.

Below are a few pics of some of the quilts I’ve used robotics on so far (both overall patterns and digital block motifs).  I need more quilts that want overall quilting!  I will be running two calendars in the future – custom quilt and digital quilt calendars. I plan on trying to put at least one or two digital quilts in between each custom quilt job.  While the machine is stitching out a digital pattern, I can work on creating the design plans for the next custom quilt in the queue. Sometimes I’ll spend a week on getting the designs planned out for a custom quilt and being able to do a quilt with a digital pantograph at the same time is a great way to multi-task. I can finish a lot of digital quilts during the time I spend designing a custom treatment!

zuri lady of the lake - front

digital blocks with custom quilting.


back view of t-shirt quilt – Rodeo panto

peacock feathers - back2

peacock feather panto (back view)


peacock feather panto (back view)

hindi elephant - spring fling blocks

Hindi elephant and Spring Fling blocks

2017-04-13 14.57.46

peacock feather panto

2017-04-14 20.48.23

Rodeo panto

2017-04-26 10.25.21

Serpentine Feather panto

2017-05-17 20.57.13

maple feather block (in red squares); all other designs were freehand.

2017-05-07 15.10.52

Serpentine Feather panto

2 responses to “Quilt Robotics

  1. I see your Canadian 150 year quilt. Someone was being terribly patriotic. Nice job

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