WIP – Isabelle’s Butterfly Daisies

Here’s what is on my frame this week.  This is the first of two identical twin quilts.  This one is for Isabelle and the other is for Grace.  The only difference is the name appliqued on it and the backing fabric.  Their mother asked for modern, fun daisies and butterflies.  I added a beadboard outer border with a daisy/leaf/swirl inner purple border.  I put butterflies, with background lines to make them pop, in the blocks surrounding the center square which has a large giant daisy in it.  The pink horizontal block at the top and bottom will have a feather plume or swag and the white print will have small swirls overall.

I hope she likes it – it’s kind of hard to see the whole concept until I get a bit more done, but I adore this quilt!  It is so much fun to quilt!

And there’s a pic taken from our deck of the sweet corn we raised this year.  Hmm.  It’s ready to pick NOW and of course we’re all busy with other projects!  Nick is supposed to pick and sell it, but he’s at the state finals in Galesburg playing American Legion baseball.  We have the Walleye Festival in Findlay tomorrow and Saturday and I’m leaving for Indiana on Tuesday to give a training class on software at a company called Jofco.  Did I mention laundry, too?  Aaack.


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