12 days of Christmas Part 4

Here’s the next installment in this lovely applique quilt.  The first pic shows the spine of the switchback feathers with one side finished.  The second shows the finished feather border.  I should have finished both sides and the bottom, except I stitched the spine of the feather backwards and had to rip the spine completely out!!!!  I finished one side and still have to rip the other side out and redraw it.  Oh well, chalk it up to a lesson learned.  I took a break tonight and played badminton at the Friday Night Badminton Club at our neighbor’s house.  This was my first time this year – and as usual my hair was wringing wet in short time!  And I lost too!  I plan on finishing the feather border and echoing around the applique in the top border tomorrow and hopefully get a great start on the pebbles and echoing in the applique blocks on Sunday.  Stay tuned!

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