12 Days of Christmas Part 3

I decided on a holly/berries/swirl pattern for the green sashing and outer border as well as the red outer border.  I’m using King Tut ivy tone on tone and red Signature threads.  I’m keeping the cream Bottom Line in the bobbin and I’m happy with the result – tension has been great – no pokies with the two different colored theads.  The back of the quilt is looking fabulous so far. 

I believe I’ll leave the red border around the applique blocks blank with just SID.  The applique spills over into the red border and I’m inclined to let it act as a frame for the applique.  I’ll stitch straigh lines in the 2nd cream border around the applique – 1/4″ apart and going around the block.  Pebbles and echoes will go in the background fills behind the applique.  And I’m planning on feathers in the light green border and a small feather fill or echo (or both)around the applique in the top border.  I’ve finished all the green and one of the red borders.  I’ll finish the bottom red border and turn the quilt to finish the red borders on the side.  Then I’ll do the feathers in the light green border.  I saw a cool blog post from Desley that outlined an efficient way to drawn out feathers in a border and I’ll think I’ll follow her advice.  See her post on her blog:  http://addictedtoquilts.blogspot.com/.  She does lovely quilting!

Here are the latest pics:

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