2 cute baby quilts for new customer

Here are two more baby quilts finished.  I was kind of stumped on this first one – a lavender and cream rail fence.  Cute colors, but what to do with it?  I was a bit tired of feather wreaths, and really didn’t think that would fit this quilt anyway.  I decided on piano keys for the outer border to echo the rail fence.  Finally, I gave in and did feathered hearts with wide curved crosshatching.  To fill in between the hearts, I did a three heart posey.  It looks nice finished.  My daughter really loved it.

The 2nd one was a small scrappy looking pink/green top that had starfish in the border fabric.  I did stars and swirls in the border and echoed the theme in the middle and alternated roses and butterflies in the larger 4-inch blocks. I like how it turned out. 

I’ve got two more small baby quilts to do and then a double wedding ring!!

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