Half-Square Triangles quilt

This is another quilt by a new quilter (see the Irish Chain and 2 cute baby quilts).  The entire quilt was half-square triangles.  I mulled several options.  The fabric had birds of paradise and leaves.  The backing fabric was polka-dots. I decided on using a leaf motif in the green tonal fabric and clamshells in the print for texture (a motif wouldn’t show up very well in the print fabric).  The clamshells always remind me of the texture of feathers on a bird.  I stitched in the ditch around the triangles, also.  I like how this turned out.  Especially the texture of the clamshells. 

I also LOVE the fabric I’ve been seeing – lots of pinks and greens.  It’s inspired my next quilt design.  I purchased some pink and green border fabric and some complimentary fabrics.  I have some ideas floating around for a design involving applique and trapunto with pink, green, yellow and white as the main colors.  Now, to find the time to put the ideas to fabric!  I have to travel to Atlanta next month so that will put a bit of a kink in my schedule.

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