Tree of Life Applique Quilt

I just took the Tree of Life Applique quilt off the frame.  This was a Moda Green Piece Block of the Month quilt.  This quilt belongs to my cousin who was my one of my first customers.  She is so good at everything she does. I did cc and roses in the star blocks, leaves, swags with feathers and piano keys in the outer border, lots of different background fills behind the applique. So Fine, Bottom Line, YLI and Signature threads. (I’m throwing away this spool of YLI Longarm Professional thread – it was SO linty that I had to clean my bobbin and bobbin casing out constantly.) QD wool batting.

Now get this – I ordered the wool batting direct from Quilters Dream.  I was quilting along when suddenly there was a large long bump in the middle of one of the background fills. I couldn’t fathom what it was. However, I had already quilted around it and below it, so there was no getting at it from the top. I could see from the back that it was right on a seam in the backing (lucky me). So, I took it off the frame (when I turned it to do the other borders) and ripped open a one-inch hole in the backing seam and pulled out what appeared to be a 5″ long piece of 1/4″ cording, but in actuality was a defect in the batting. I carefully sewed the seam back in place and requilted over the block. I emailed QD about, and they were very generous – they’re giving me a $10 credit. They said it should have been marked as a seconds (no kidding!) and was missed. Now, I’m going to be nervous about each package I have left to use from them. Anyway, my cousin will understand, but I’m still going to have to give her a discount for ripping open her seam.  I just wasn’t happy about that at all.

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