The Wedding Hankie

My stepson was getting married in just a few days and I had quilted nothing for the newlyweds. That’s not surprising, given that my schedule is booked months out and I haven’t been able to piece anything for myself in nearly 3 years; but, still! It bothered me.  I took a quilt off my frame on the Tuesday evening before the wedding and had been thinking perhaps I’d quilt up something I had in my extremely large stash of vintage linens. I had even purchased one thinking this may make a good gift for them.  But, it just didn’t “feel” right. Know what I mean?

So, after going through my stash, I got out the stack of old hankies that had been handed down from my husband’s mother and grandmother.  And that is where I found this old Valentine hankie that had been given to my stepson’s great-grandmother Voltenburg.  Aha! This is IT!  I layered it on white satin (a nod to the bride’s dress) and turned it on point to give me some room to quilt feathered hearts in the corners. I decided on wedding bells for the center.  I layered the tops on two layers of batting to give it extra poof and a faux trapunto look.

After getting it bound, I decided the inner bells weren’t visible enough, so I added a bit of a color tint to them using both ProFab paints and Tsukineko inks.  Just enough to make them stand out a bit more.

I didn’t want a label attached to this as I wasn’t sure how the newlyweds would display it (if at all), and it could be reversible if I didn’t add a label. I decided to make a card to go along with it which would tell the details (maker, date, etc.).  I drew from my inner Hallmark creator and came up with the card below. I wanted to convey the idea that this was given in love many years ago in a different generation and was cherished enough to be kept and handed down and in turn was another gift of love in a new generation. I must say I loved the entire thing, but I love the message of love being eternal even more.

updated:  this is how it looks after they got it framed!  Isn’t it just beautiful!
wedding hankie
wedding handie - back
Wedding Hankie Card
Nick and Emily
The beautiful newlyweds! Love these two so much!

6 responses to “The Wedding Hankie

  1. That is beautiful! Did you use Kimono silk thread on in the needle? What color of thread did you use so that it doesn’t show against the different colors of the hankie? I’m a newbie and have such a hard time figuring out what thread to use!

    • Thank you! I used white thread. I don’t remember what thread I used. I don’t think I used Kimono, but I think I probably used either So Fine or Microquilter. A fine thread helps to not detract or show much on the hankie.

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