Beautiful Applique

I recently finished this gorgeous quilt! Mary used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and hand-turned all of this gorgeous applique.  I absolutely love how this turned out. Mary spent two years on this quilt and it shows. I needed a magnifying glass to see the stitches in her needle-turned applique!  Perfectly put together, this came together for me also. I love it when a quilt “speaks” to me.  There were a lot of circles in her quilt, so I used circles in my quilting. The basket lent itself to the curved crosshatching and checkerboard in the border.  The outer border’s curves in the triangles mimicked the curves of the applique.  I did a lot of marking on this quilt, but it was worth it. I brought the checkerboard pattern I had used in the outer border into the middle medallion, framing the basket of flowers.  Mary’s hope is to get it accepted in Fall Paducah this year. I really don’t think she’ll have a problem getting that acceptance letter!

I used Quilters Dream wool (my favorite) over Hobbs 80/20 and two shades of silk thread on top and bottom.  I love Kimono silk thread by Superior Threads.


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