Susie’s Cabin

I purchased this top at the Arthur Quilt Fest in 2014.  They have an annual auction of quilts (both finished and unfinished) to benefit their relief fund.  I won this top and I’m so glad I did. The top was pieced by a vendor at the show (Margie Miget) and those little Sues are made up of 24 individual pieces in that 3″ block. OMG. Seriously awesome!  I’m not a big fan of Sunbonnet Sues — I feel most are overdone or just boring — but this one, especially in the Log Cabin setting, was exceptional. It kept getting pushed back in my queue until I finally made time for it over Christmas break. I put Amish feathers in the big border and feathers and ruler work in the blocks. I really LOVE this one. I tried a batting I had not used before (mainly because I had used the wool I had purchased for this quilt on a customer quilt and didn’t want to wait on an order). This has Quilters Dream supreme cotton batting. It’s about twice the loft of their Deluxe loft. While I like the loft it gave, I prefer the drape the wool would have given it. Two colors of thread (Superior SoFine on top and Bottom Line on bottom).


An interesting tidbit of info about Sunbonnet Sue quilts is this quilt done in 1979 by a group of quilters who decided it was time to kill off poor Sue. The individual blocks can be seen here on Barbara Brackman’s blog who was one of the gals responsible for this awesome quilt.  The poor quilt had a ribbon pulled from it and it was refused entry at other shows. It now resides in the Kitty Cole Clark collection at the Museum at Michigan State University. If you have time for a good laugh (or cry), jump over and check it out.

5 responses to “Susie’s Cabin

  1. Joy,
    When you did the borders on this quilt, did you do all of it as you went, or did you do the top and bottom and then turn the quilt and do the sides as the top and bottom again? If you did it going down the sides, did you do all three (the lines and the feather and the filling) all at the same time, or did you do one (the lines) and then go back and do the feather and then the fill?

  2. I did the top and bottom outer borders first, then turned it and did the sides. I marked the spines with disappearing ink. I did it in two sections – right half and left half. When I could, I traveled back to the start by either making the double spine or doing the fill. However, when I was doing the feather spines on the left, I would bury the thread at the center and start over again at the far left. I did this because that was too far to travel back to the start without my thread breaking. Once I completed that feather, though, I could travel back to the start by doing the fill. I did each side of the feather spine in a pass – traveling back to do the other side of the feather spine.

  3. I am trying to find this pattern to make and I cannot find margie miget to see if it is available to buy and if it was her design, etc. can you give any info??

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