The Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt

This quilt was pieced by a very good piecer, Jan.  Oh, why, oh why can’t I just keep these quilts!!?  🙂

She did a fabulous job with this quilt. I loved everything about her quilt.  It looks so nice in my house, I wanted to just keep this for a while. We decided on a modified feather wreath in each of the blocks and a feather vine with beadboard in the outer border and SID around all of the sashing.  It went fairly fast.  I used the same blush colored So Fine thread over all the top and a darker brown on the bottom.  I also added the binding while it was on the frame, which makes it so nice to finish it by hand.

Below is some eye candy for you….

jan-sampler2 IMG_20130724_220915_826 IMG_20130727_160329_382 IMG_20130727_160357_141 IMG_20130727_160554_544 IMG_20130728_103610_197IMG_20130727_160509_636 IMG_20130728_103520_323

One response to “The Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt

  1. I love this quilt, it is so beautiful. I have the instruction book but the CD that came along with the book is broken. Been trying to get a replacement CD from the company but so far no luck. This quilt is one for my to do list.

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