Gees Bend quilts – spirals and triangles

Here are two more Gees Bend quilts finished.  This is the last of the three Gees Bends quilts that Cheryl brought to me.  One is a blue spiral design and the other is a multi-color blocks, rectangles and triangles quilt.  Some of the same designs were used on both and I experimented with a few more on the multi-color triangle one.  I used three threads on the spiral (dark blue, light blue, gray) and one thread on the multi-color one (dark orange).  I actually like how they turned out – the texture is pretty yummy.  As a side note, I was in the LQS on Saturday and looked down at a copy of Angela Water’s Modern Quilting book and said “that’s my quilt!”  It wasn’t of course, but it sure looked like it at first glance (color and quilting designs).  Anyway, here are just a few pics (I ran out of good light on the multi-color one.  The backing fabric on that is a red batik and all the fabrics were batik.)  I used QD black poly on the spiral and 80/20 blend on the “triangle” one.

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