Update – Swoon quilt

I’ve been mssing online quite a bit lately.  I work on a computer in my regular day job (graphic design, web design, and cad visualization) so I avoid the computer at home.  I have several quilts I’ve completed that I need to post, but I wanted to share what is on my quilt frame now.  This is a swoon quilt, by Lorna (wonderful piecer) and I am absolutely LOVING it!  The neat thing about quilting other piecer’s tops is that I get to work on some wonderful works of arts using fabrics that I may never have thought about using.  This is the second quilt I’ve done lately that uses black fabric as the background fabric.  I’m using a thin 60wt Sulky PolyLite in slate gray in the black and several different Glide threads in the prints.  Here is a sneak peek:

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