Barn Swallows

I just had to share these pics of our new residents under the eaves of our porch.  Mama and Papa Barn Swallow moved in a few weeks ago and made a lovely home in the corner of the porch.  They don’t have indoor plumbing, so the porch floor has to be swept and washed frequently.  It was interesting to watch them tend their nest of eggs.  They would fly away during the day when we’d walk by, but at night they would just watch us carefully.  Pretty soon, the eggs hatched and we had 4 babies (I thought).  All babies are cute and they were no exception.  Soon, you could see Mama and Papa bringing food to their younguns.  The first two pictures below are of the babies in their nest and being fed on a Tuesday (the day my longarm arrived).  The next picture is of them just 5 days later.  My how they grew!!!  And it turns out there were 5 babies.  The fifth one was always hidden behind the other 4.  It won’t be long before they’re all gone, and we’ll take the nest down and clean off the porch for the last time.  In the meantime, I greet them every morning and evening.

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