1st quilt on new frame

Here’s a sneak peak at what is on my new A1  Quilting Machine and frame.  This is an Aunt Grace’s Garden Party quilt and I really love how Audrey pieced this quilt.  I am trying out a new thread on this quilt.  I picked up some Wonderful Invisifil thread at the Paducah show.  This thread is 100 weight (pretty thin) and I wanted to use it on this one because I didn’t want the thread to compete with the lovely piecing of this quilt.  Plus whatever I quilted wouldn’t show up on the busy print so I wanted something that just gave a texture to the quilt.  On the back I’m using Superior Bottom Line in white.  This has a red border and I’m using So Fine red on the border with the white in the bobbin.  I have a few pokies of red on the back, but I think most of them will disappear when I take it off the frame. 

I love my new A1 quilting machine.  I can actually quilt straight lines without having to use a ruler!!  And the new saddle chair is wonderful!!!  I wish I had been able to get one of these before.  I can quilt longer now since I can take a break and quilt while sitting down.  I cannot emphasize how much of a difference this chair makes!!!

Here are a couple of pics – one of the new quilt on the frame and the other with a practice piece of fabric on it to test out the new machine and frame.  Oh, and my red snappers just came in the mail and I’ll be installing them this weekend.  I really loved having them on the old machine.

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