New home for my old machine

it’s official! My Voyager has a new home with LaVerne in southern Illinois. What a neat place she has. Below are some pics of the new place my trusty machine will call home.  I won’t be without a quilting machine long — my new A1 machine arrives tomorrow!

I loved LaVerne’s farm. It was filled with all kinds of animals. A few of the birds are here in this pic. They came running to us looking for their food!!

The new studio is in an upstairs bedroom. Lots of light comes in through the windows and I think it will make a great studio for LaVerne.

I actually got the llama to nibble a few bits of corn out of my hand. My dad used to have a llama in the pasture between our houses and I loved that LaVerne has one.

The donkeys and goats all had to come in the barn to see what we were doing. We had quite the audience. And yes, that pot-bellied pig is as round as he is long!!

2 responses to “New home for my old machine

  1. How awesome that your fabulous machine that brought us together as friends has a new home. Glad we found each other before you changed things up!! 🙂 Congratulations on your new baby arriving tomorrow!! I might have to drive down to see you!

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