Wholecloth progress

I’m making progress on my wholecloth quilt.  I loaded it this week and have managed to complete nearly one pass.  This shows you what it looks like after I have spritzed it with water to remove the blue marker (you can see where the marker ran in a couple of places).  You can also see where the dissolvable thread is on the design where I outlined the trapunto.  When this is done, I’ll soak it to remove all the blue marker and all the dissolvable thread.

I decided to do pebbles and a sort of clamshell filler in the background.  Yes, I’m totally insane!  I’m liking my checkerboard quilting in the center border.  At this rate, it will take me at least two weeks to finish.  I have a baby quilt to load, but was stumped on the design, so I decided to load this and get it done.  I plan on entering it into the Decatur Quilt Fest in March. I’ll post more pics as I go.

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