Filtec thread test

Filtec sent some lucky quilters some new thread to test out recently.  Their claim was that this new thread was unbreakable!  While I did manage to break it once by running it at high speed from right to left (which will always break thread on my machine), it never broke under any other condition.  And believe me, I put it through the paces! 

First, I tried using it on some crepe backed satin I had in my stash.  I cut a piece big enough to fit on my table as a runner and used it on both the top and the bottom of the quilt sandwich with the satin side up on top and the crepe side on bottom.  I used some leftover Quilters Dream wool as the batting.  I have to say I absolutely loved how this thread behaved.  I used it in both the top and the bobbin and it stitched wonderfully.  While it came to me on a spool marked Glide, it did not resemble the usual Glide thread.  It’s sheen was more subdued – resembling the sheen you’d get with some rayon thread.  I use Filtec’s Premo Soft thread a lot because it resembles cotton and has no sheen.  I use Glide on those quilts where I want the quilting to shine or on modern contemporary quilts.  With this new brand of thread, it falls somewhere in between those two in terms of its sheen. 

As a second test, I used it on a baby quilt where I simply stitched some wavy lines from left to right.  I would at times almost outrun the machine with how fast I was sewing, and that thread never broke once!  Again, I absolutely LOVE it.  I can’t wait for it to be officially released.  Thanks Filtec!

6 responses to “Filtec thread test

  1. Do you know the actual name for this new Fil-Tec thread if it’s not Glide? I use the magna-glide pre wound delight bobbins and love them! I’ve never invested in their threads though. Thank you for the review.

  2. No I don’t. They stated on their Facebook page that this was new thread under development. The sheen was definitely different than Glide; but, the thread came on a Glide spool. I love all their threads, but don’t use Glide thread much because the shine doesn’t complement the tops I do. My customers prefer a more traditional look. I use their Premo Soft thread a lot and love it — it’s very similar to Superior’s SoFine thread, but I think it’s a bit stronger.

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