Beyond the Color Purple – the blocks

I’ve been stabilizing each of the embroidered blocks on this fab quilt.  A Jennie Haskins design pieced by Glenda, and it is just fabulous!!  I’ve been using Madeira Monolon (clear, thin and strong) to stitch around each of the block designs.  I’m using a layered batting on this (thin wool on top of thin cotton) to give it a faux trapunto effect, and I absolutely love the look I’m getting.  The embroidery will have almost a 3d effect that is going to be so cool when it’s finished.  Each of the blocks will have a box on point, with the outside of the box to be quilted with swirls and the inside with pebbles.  Some of the blocks that have a large space in the middle will get an additional design motif to echo the work in the embroidery.  But all that quilting will give the embroidery a faux trapunto look.  I’ve only two more blocks to outline, then it’s back to doing the gold diagonal crosshatch on the maroon sashing.  The green print  surrounding the center medallion consists of two pieces – one of which is applique.  Both will need some quilting.  The outer green border will get feather plumes.  The inner green border (applique) I’m undecided on.  I think it might be difficult to stitch as there are multiple thicknesses.  But I’m still leaning towards feathers of some sort.

Well, it’s my birthday Thursday and we’re going out for dinner Saturday night with another couple – Cathy and Larry.  Cathy’s birthday is on Friday and we usually try to celebrate together.  So I’m taking the evening off from quilting and enjoying a night out with friends!

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