Scarecrow Daze Quilt Show

I had a wonderful time at Shelbyvilles’s Scarecrow Daze Quilt Show this past Saturday.  I arrived at 7 a.m. and with the help of several other ladies, we got all the quilts hung on the frames.  For those of you who are not familiar with this show, it is held in a tent set up on a large parking lot next to the courthouse square.  I was getting ready to leave and meet some friends at another quilt show in another town, when a gust of wind toppled the middle row of double-hung quilts.  They literally went down like dominoes!!  OMG!  There were three of us there, so we immediately started to get the step ladders out of the truck.  Kate called the store and asked for emergency assistance from a class being held at that time.  With their help we got everything back up in about 20 minutes.  Wow!  What excitement!! 

Anyway, I picked up my quilt yesterday and found I won 1st place!!!!  I got a $75 gift certificate to spend in Kate’s store – Main Street Quilt Company.  AWESOME!!  How cool is THAT!  Thanks Kate!  If you haven’t been to her quilt shop, you really need to make a point to go.  It’s one of my very favorite shops.  I love the old wood floors and high ceilings – and the rows of fabrics and goodies.

I’m working on a couple of wall hangings right now and then a large embroidered top that will get a full custom treatment will be next.  I should have it on by the end of the month and will post pics of my progress as I go.  Stay tuned for that one – it is a very special quilt top!

2 responses to “Scarecrow Daze Quilt Show

  1. WAY TO GO! Your quilt is awesome. I had a great time with you and LynnEl at the other show. Looking forward to our next meet-up. Congrats on winning!!!

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