Feathered Star Medallion – finished

This beautiful quilt is finished.  The colors in this quilt go perfectly in my house and I absolutely LOVE it.  The gal who pieced this, Sharon, did a great job.  All the points match and the colors are wonderful.  She spent a lot of time on this and wanted something special for it, so I gave it feathers in a half-circle and beadboard in the border, feather vines in the inner border, feathers in the center medallion, SID the whole thing, and pebbled the background fabric in the center and behind the star blocks and one of the inner borders.  I love the texture of this quilt. 

I used a Quilters Dream wool batting, Madeira Monolon clear (for the SID and red fabric), Filtec Premo Soft in light olive on the green fabric and in the bobbin, and Superior tan Bottom Line for the pebbling (in top and bottom).  I used a circle ruler to outline the circles in the border and the spine of the feather in the inner border, and a straight ruler for the SID.  The rest was freehand.

I tried taking pictures, but I’m still struggling with my camera (time to upgrade to a new one).  Here are the best 5 out of 20 pics I took!

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5 responses to “Feathered Star Medallion – finished

  1. You are amazing! Please can I come and learn from you? I think you should also log how much time you spent on each quilt from beginning to end. This quilting is absolutely beautiiful and so is the quilt.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! I love the feathers in the centre. I love the way you did the border. The pebbles must have taken you forever. Your quilting has brought out the best in the top. Well done.

    • Thanks Desley. I absolutely love your latest quilt top, too! The pebbles didn’t take as long as I feared. I got into a groove and before I knew it they were done! Of course, sometimes quilting is like childbirth — the pain fades away as soon as you see your newborn! LOL

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