Log Cabin baby quilt

Here’s the latest quilt off the frame.  I love this little quilt.  The piecing was SO precise.  And log cabins are one of my favorite patterns.  I used clear Madeira monopoly on the scrappy blocks and the SID, white and lemon Filtec, and Moda Green So Fine in the bobbin.  I did feathered hearts, feathered wreath (center), and feathered vines.  I quilted a sort of traveling fern in the scrappy blocks (for texture) and hearts in the 2nd border.  I used a 100% cotton batting from Legacy.  I had tried to get a crib size Quilters Dream cotton to try on this quilt, but they kept sending me natural instead of white.  I still don’t have the right product.  After the 2nd crib batting came in the wrong color I ordered a board of Legacy cotton from Kingsmen and got it in 2 days.  I’ve let Quilters Dream know how much I was disappointed in their service.  I also told them that I was planning on buying a roll of cotton from them, but instead I purchased one from another vendor.  I finished 3 quilts since I first ordered the batting from Quilters Dream.  That is just not acceptable to me.

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