A Christmas Quilt and a Pumpkin Mini

My cousin Cheryl R is one awesome lady!  She is an amazing quilter.  Her cross-stitching is so good, you’d think you were looking at a painting – seriously good!  She has amazing kids and grandkids.  And she was brave enough to be one of my very first customers.  Love her!

These two quilts are the latest ones I’ve quilted for her — and it may be quite a while before I can do another one for her as she just broke her wrist while out shopping.  Hmmm.  I know shopping can be a physical sport, but it’s not even Black Friday!   🙂

The first one is a quilt pattern I’ve quilted 2 or 3 times already and have one more yet to do in my queue.  The 2nd one is a miniature quilt that I absolutely LOVE!

IMG_20130826_145834_431IMG_20130826_145625_438IMG_20130826_145451_121IMG_20130826_145637_172 IMG_20130826_145512_958 IMG_20130826_145545_760   IMG_20130826_145734_159 IMG_20130826_145743_696

2 responses to “A Christmas Quilt and a Pumpkin Mini

  1. Thank you for the beautiful words. Love you too. I am starting to have terrible quilting withdrawal symptoms. I walk by my 4 works in progress and just let out a big sigh. Doctor says I should have about two months recovery time. Believe me, I will start counting down the days after I have surgery on Friday.

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