Traveling Turtles

I LOVE this latest baby quilt off my frame. 42×60, applique. This has to be the Cutest thing ever! I used two battings – Legacy 80/20 on the bottom and QD Poly on top because I wanted lots of texture with this. I did a checkerboard with alternating blocks densely quilted in the outer border to mimic the checkered flag at the end of a race.  I thought it would add a nice texture and it really did. The rays from the sun are also alternated with quilting and I LOVE how it feels. I did various background fills and SID around all of that applique. I used 7 different color threads (So Fine, Bottom Line, Decobobs, Madeira monolon).  This was a really fun quilt and I really wanted to keep this one, but it goes to Lorna’s lucky grandson.

Traveling Turtles   Traveling Turtles

Traveling TurtlesTraveling TurtlesTraveling TurtlesTraveling TurtlesTraveling TurtlesTraveling Turtles

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