Selling my Voyager

UPDATE:  I sold my Voyager today.  Laverne from southern Illinois is the lucky gal who gets my trusty machine.  Right now, the plan is to deliver it to her house on June 9.  I’ll be sending in the check on my new machine and hopefully can get it delivered soon afterwards.  Thanks to everyone who showed interest.  Laverne – you’re the early bird on this one!!  🙂


Yes, that’s right, I’m selling my Voyager.  While I was at Paducah (looking at my quilt hanging there!), I finally had an opportunity to test drive the last machine on my list – the A1 Longarm.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  When Elaine, the rep at the booth, told me the price, my jaw about hit the floor.  I walked away, but came back a few hours later and gave her a deposit to hold it for a few months.  In the meantime, I really do need to sell my Voyager.  It has been a great machine and will make a good machine for someone else.  So here’s the deal:

Voyager 17, LOADED – $3500, including delivery/setup within 100 miles (negotiable).  Details are listed below the pic:

Hinterberg Stretch Frame
Included in original pkg.
  Bowers Lifts (I love these – they make advancing fabric much easier)   $65
  Stylus board that has the grooved patterns for hearts, wavy lines, etc. x  
  Pantos, rose/leaf and an overall   pattern (can’t remember the name). x  
  Laser light for stylus at rear. x  
  Two sets of zippers.  One set is attached to the leaders. (the 2nd one makes it easier to switch out a quilt on the frame before it is finished).   $80
  Set of 10’ poles with leaders   attached (value $150)   $150
  Set of 6’ poles with leaders   attached and extra roller ends attached to make changing them seamless   $200
  Center leg support x  
  Dowel rods (for supporting the side tensioners away from the carriage)   $0
Voyager 17, includes:    
  Fat foot    $50
  Regular foot x  
  TBQ hopping ruler foot   $100
  Finishing Touches hopping ruler   foot (also have extra parts for repairs if needed)   $65
  100 bobbins   $40
  Needles (new in packages, size 16, 18, 19)   $40
  Bobbin cases – I think I have 4 or 5,  some have pigtails, some with pigtails and backlash, some with   just backlash, and some plain.   $100
  Toolkit for everything (frame and machine) included x  
  Extra needle plate covers (2)   $20
  Extra tension spring assembly (for parts) and replacement o-rings for carriage   $0
  Laser Light that attaches to front handles (do pantos or trace outlines from front)   $50
  Micro Handles (from Finishing   Touches Studio), includes allen wrench for removing   $100
  Side grips (4 total) x  
  Additional LCD light attached to   head (in addition to the regular lamp that is included).   $25
  Power Strip attached to SLR by   Velcro (for management of wiring)   $25
  Extended large base (for doing   ruler work) (value $55)   $55
  Extra handles with controls for   doing pantos from rear (don’t have to switch the handles out)   $200
  Hinterberg/Voyager manual, also   has extra docs printed from website x  
  DVD for Voyager maintenance x  
Bobbin Winder (included) x  
Towa Gauge for L-size bobbin cases   $70
  I have some King Tut and various   brands of thread that I’ll include.   $50
  I’ll throw in some leftover pieces for testing purposes    $0
   I’ll deliver and setup at your home (within   100+- miles)   $250
  Will include Linda Taylor’s book   “Ultimate Guide to Longarm Quilting”   $30
    $4,299 $1,700
Value of original package and add-ons $6,064
Total cost   $3,500
  Contact:  Joy Voltenburg, Sullivan, IL  (217) 273-5536    

6 responses to “Selling my Voyager

  1. *sigh* I want to buy this, RIGHT NOW!! 🙂
    But I live in AL (36207) Please email me privately to see if we can’t work something out.

  2. Very Interested. How far are you from St. Louis MO. I am in Michigan, but will be going through Illinois, and Missouri in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Are you able to do 12″ blocks on this? Does the frame have the “table” that holds the pantos? Do you notice the weight of this machine? Does the frame shake any?

  4. Sorry, forgot to ask, what is the maximum length of the frame when broken down for transport?

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